New Compress -- needs bigger info flag readme whatever

rdkeys at rdkeys at
Wed Jun 7 06:20:52 AEST 2000

> Hmm, I thought this was enough info for folks to figure out that
> components/compress.tar is the right tarball...

I had the same problems, so pleeze, put a biggie readme at all appropriate
tree levels that has a 2 liner about the must use the ``new'' compress,
and where exactly to find it.

It was not quite intuitively obvious.....(:+}} my RT toy....until
I unrolled it there.

When will scsi development proceed.... I have this scsi VAX sitting........
Actually several VS3100, uV3100, things..... sitting.........

They yearn for the simplicity of a plain 4.3BSD.....that runs fine on
my old dinosaur RT toy.....(:+}}......  Anyone else running RT toyz?



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