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rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Jun 7 06:30:26 AEST 2000

> ; In standard RT-PC mode, a 2:1 interleave is used on a single track and
> ; a 2 sector skew is used across tracks.
> ("RT-PC" means "RT-11 on a DEC Professional", roughly!)

Gee, let's not forget the old IBM RT-PC dinosaur.....(:+}}...
It was an entirely different beastie by the same name, that I am sure
a few of us have played with over the years.  It's a prime candidate for
the UHS style fodder, if there were any interest in the thing besides
with me.  Anyone else aboard play with that dinosaur critter?


> Terry Kennedy's THIRD-PARTY-DISKS.TXT, available via anonymous FTP
> from
>   ftp://ftp.spc.edu/third-party-disks.txt
> Since this subject comes up several times a year, would it be possible
> to link to the above document from somewhere in the PUPS archive, Warren?

Yes, I would like to see Warren mirror such things, as space and utility
dictate.  Sometimes some redundancy in these forgotten lores is good.
I am sure there are other such docs and texts of wisdom that collectively
we should centralize in the archives, space, copyrights, permissions, etc.,
to be worked out in some way.  At least, link to the urls, as long as the
urls don't break.


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