RX50 on RQDX3 on 2.11BSD

Johnny Billquist bqt at Update.UU.SE
Wed Jun 7 16:09:07 AEST 2000

On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Jason T. Miller wrote:

[...floppy stuff on 2.11 deleted...]

> 	$ diff testrx50.img test
> 	Binary files testrx50.img and test differ
> WHOA! This shouldn't happen, should it?

Well... No... But...

You later note that 2.11 don't write the first two sectors, even though it
don't give you any errors. So, I'm not surprised by the result. the first
1K are probably very different. Try to compare everything after that 1K
and see if that is the same.


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