RX50 on RQDX3 on 2.11BSD

Jason T. Miller jasomill at shaffstall.com
Thu Jun 8 02:50:10 AEST 2000

After looking at the data, I'm not suprised, either -- I've proven, if
nothing else, that the 'diff' command is not broken :) This command
seek-whence was for illusutrative purposes; by far the strangest thing to
me is the Interleave Problem. First R/W UNIX block device I've ever seen
that's not bijective (to slightly abuse the term).


On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Johnny Billquist wrote:

> > WHOA! This shouldn't happen, should it?
> Well... No... But...
> You later note that 2.11 don't write the first two sectors, even though it
> don't give you any errors. So, I'm not surprised by the result.

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