RQDX3 software interleave

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Thu Jun 8 23:02:17 AEST 2000

> And in those cases, you loose as well. The RX02 uses a micro-engine to
> control the drive. No chip controller can switch density in the middle of
> the track, so RX02 floppies will forever be in the domain of RX02 drives
> only.

IF you must transfer RX02 resident files to a non dec system the only
choice is another RX02 or compatable (DSD880 and friends).  However,
if that is available the disk can be reformatted to SSSD, data written to
it and then standard floppy contoller chips and systems that can handle 8"
media will work just fine.

RX50 and RX33 formatting do not have this liability.


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