tcsh on 2.11BSD

Warren Toomey wkt at
Fri Jun 9 08:58:44 AEST 2000

In article by Jason T. Miller:
> The only thing I want is
> command history and filename completion in the Bourne shell (having grown
> used to Bash -- although it's a big memory pig and I admit I use it only
> for the previously mentioned features, though I like the PS variable magic
> characters, too -- I'm thinking about trying to hack the CH features of
> tcsh (never been a C shell fan) into sh, maybe we should start a 2BSD
> 'ports' collection? Any suggestions for a name of this shell? Any
> suggestions for freeing up my time to write it :)?

I thought there was a port of an early tcsh to 2.*BSD? Maybe I have poor
memory. Anyway, I believe that Minix has a very tiny editline(), which
could be squeezed into the 2.11BSD csh to give you command-line editing.
> Also, when I get my RX50 toolset for FreeBSD working, should I put it in
> the archive? It'd probably be more interesting to PUPS'ers than the
> FreeBSD community At Large.

Yep, it will go into Tools/


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