tcsh on 2.11BSD

Jason T. Miller jasomill at
Fri Jun 9 23:14:11 AEST 2000

> I thought there was a port of an early tcsh to 2.*BSD? Maybe I have poor
> memory. Anyway, I believe that Minix has a very tiny editline(), which
> could be squeezed into the 2.11BSD csh to give you command-line editing.
Yup. There's a tcsh included in 2.11BSD; thing is, I'm partial to the
Bourne shell. Hence, a project.

> > Also, when I get my RX50 toolset for FreeBSD working, should I put it in
> > the archive? It'd probably be more interesting to PUPS'ers than the
> > FreeBSD community At Large.
> Yep, it will go into Tools/
Well, it's kind of ugly (okay, really ugly), but it's working pretty well.
The physical I/O portion is a (miniscule) patch against the 4.0-STABLE
FreeBSD kernel, but the interleave filters are pretty much standard C
(hideous C, but no BSD tricks) and should work on any raw I/O read of an
RX50 disk (you can do it in Linux without kernel mods; see setfdprm(8)).
Of course, the filters are only applicable to PDP-11-ish or VAX-ish RX50s;
Rainbow and DECmate disks are totally different; if someone wants to
implement those things, go ahead (Rainbow MS-DOS could be had with careful
mods to mtools, and there are a billion ways to skin a CP/M disk;  
haven't seen anything on UNIX to handle the DEC WPS file management
system, but I digress), but they have little to do with UNIX on the PDP
and less to do with me personally (my loving father having discarded my
DECmate II as junk about ten years ago).


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