RX50 read/write on FreeBSD

Jason T. Miller jasomill at indiana.edu
Fri Jun 9 18:55:11 AEST 2000

Thanks to the good advice of members of the PUPS mailing list, I've
completed my first stab at an RX50 read/write toolset for FreeBSD. It
consists of two parts, a kernel patch to add the physical format, and a
filter set to deal with the logical sector interleave. It's ugly (not only
does it only support stdin and stdout, but it uses both 'goto' and the
ternary operator; I tend to deeply offend the C style gods, late at
night when I think nobody's watching), but it seems to work pretty
well. The kernel patch, at least, is clean. Those with good karma and
flawlessly aligned drive heads can even try formatting their own RX50s.

So how do I submit it to the archive? "incoming" seems to be RO. It's
about 3K, tarred and gzipped.

Jason T. Miller
Self-styled Jack of England

"..." -Anonymous

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