RX50 read/write on FreeBSD

Roger Ivie rivie at teraglobal.com
Sat Jun 10 01:16:50 AEST 2000

Jason Miller wrote:
>(not only
>does it only support stdin and stdout, but it uses both 'goto' and the
>ternary operator; I tend to deeply offend the C style gods, late at
>night when I think nobody's watching)

Could be worse. I deeply offend the C style gods right in the open where
everyone can see. Since I'm pretty much a hardware type, I do _everything_
in state machines. While that works great for everything from hardware to
Prolog, it does mean my code tends to assume the only available
control structure is "if( expr ) goto state;". My attitude is that the
state diagram is the program, the code is just an implementation detail.

I used to work for a company that did TURBOchannel devices. I did the
device drivers for all the platforms (VAX/VMS, Alpha/VMS, Ultrix, and
OSF/1) and I shipped source code (it wasn't a conscious decision on the
part of management; since I got to build the distribution kits, the source
code was included and management simply didn't argue with me). One day I
got a letter from someone who had just bought our TURBOchannel parallel
printer port offering to go through the code and remove all those evil
gotos for the low, low price of only $100 a page. I declined the offer.

Roger Ivie
rivie at teraglobal.com
Not speaking for TeraGlobal Communications Corporation

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