RX50 vocoder timing; FreeBSD kernel woes

Jason T. Miller jasomill at shaffstall.com
Sat Jun 17 02:31:18 AEST 2000

Sorry in advance if you unintentionally deleted this message because of
the topic, I'm an incorrigable smart-arse and couldn't resist. My other
idea was ILOVEYOU, but that's been done before...

> This thread has gotten *way* beyond what I (and I'll bet many others)
> read this list for.

The initiator of this post was yours truly. I have been silet since this
post. I hate politics. I figured, "just let it simmer down and then
rationally respond." I hate flamefesten.

Sorry. Can't please everybody all the time. Hey, I don't even try, most of
the time. I find that sitting on the fence can be quite an uncomfortable
position to be in, especially if you're on one of the fenceposts. But, wie
immer, I digress. I didn't mean to crowd your (that is, the royal "your")
mailbox with my hardware woes. I had some issues, directly related to my
_usage_ of PDP-11 UNIX, and, insofar as both the mentioned PDP-11 mailing
list and the DECUS PDP-11 list on eisner.decus.org are both ghost towns,
and several members of this mailing list seem to know quite a bit about
both the hardware platform and the software I choose to run (2.11BSD), I
dreamt of things that never were and said "why not." Thanks to the
knowledge of fellow list-members, my questions were answered, my problem
was solved, and the result is now available in the PUPS archive under
Tools/Disks/rx50-FreeBSD.tar.gz (no comments on code quality to the group,
please; that would be off-topic [read: embarassing] :) Qs and Cs to
jasomill at indiana.edu welcome), which is useful to me and may possibly be
of some interest to other PDP-11 UNIX hobbyists trying to solve the same

I read the entire PUPS mailing list archive before making my first post.
I've noticed that the top three platform-specific topics seem to be (in
order of appearance):

  1) emulator software
  2) VAX hardware
  3) PDP hardware

I don't use an emulator and I don't have a VAX (though I want one very
very much, but admittably to run VMS mostly), but the discussions don't
bother me. As a matter of fact, some of them interest me; those that
don't, I skip. Anyway, just an observation.

I know it's not the PHPS, but I can not be dissuaded in my belief that
actually _using_ the systems is a vital part of a living preservation
effort, and using them without functional hardware is a bit difficult,
emulators notwithstanding. But please don't deactivate me :), I'll read a
UHS list and a PUPS list and a VAX list and an RT-PC list (I've been
wanting to get my hands on one of those buggers for awhile, actually),
desirous of everything at the same time, and try my best not to yawn and
say commonplace things (apologizes to Jack Kerouac). Thanks again for help
and interesting discussion, to all parties involved, mad to talk or less

What about archiving PDP hardware information? I don't mean discussing
obscure timing details of RK05 controllers or anything, but having a
section of the archive for random hardware tidbits re: PDP. It's not
_directly_ related to UNIX preservation, but it'd be a boon to PDP UNIX
users (not to mention keeping list traffic down in re: these things), and
its space requirements are miniscule. Maybe wait until the PDP-specific
stuff is split off, and create a directory. I'd be happy to maintain it
(I'm also attempting to contact DEC ne Compaq about getting some legacy
docs released; those, of course, would be included; no, that's not what
Mentec bought, I don't think, that's RSX and RSTS/E and RT-11, maybe even
Ultrix. They provide engineering support to DEC PDP-11 customers as well
as compatible hardware, but I believe Compaq still owns the copyrights to
the Digital hardware documentation. Not 100% sure though).

Once again, sorry, once again, thanks, and in closing,


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