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Hi --

	I hope I'm in the right mailing list :)

> From: Tim Shoppa <SHOPPA at>
> Yesterday I asked:
> >Two tapes labeled "Vol 1 of 2" and "Vol 2 of 2" and then "2.10.2 SMS
> >Unix".  Steven, does this mean you know what's on this and how it's
> >different than the 2.10 and 2.10.1 stuff already in the archive? :-)  Terry
> >didn't remember...
> Now that I've read the tapes, this is a 1990-ish step halfway between
> 2.10.1 and 2.11, as developed by Steven Schultz (and debugged by
> Terry on his 11/70, judging from the comments.)  Is this something

	You beat me to it - I was going to respond earlier but got distracted
	("real work" the boss wanted ;)).
	It's more than half way to 2.11 though.  Probably closer to 80 or 90%.
	The work had been going on for a year or more since 2.10.1 came out
	and I was all set to distribute it on my own when one of the last
	folks at the CSRG said it should be 2.11 (based on the size and number
	of changes) and a BSD release with USENIX handling the license issues
	and distribution.

	There aren't many major differences between 2.10.2SMS and what would
	be 2.11BSD a few months later (towards the end of 1990 or beginning
	of 1991).

> timeline of PDP-11 Unices currently in the archive, we have at the
> "fairly recent" end:
> 2.9 from 1983
> 2.9.1BSD from 1983
> 2.10BSD from 1987
> 2.10.1BSD from 1989

	2.10.2.SMS goes till about the end of 1990 or beginning of 1991

> Would it be a worthwhile thing to put 2.10.2 up as an intermediate
> step filling in the ten year gap between 2.10.1 and the current 2.11?

	I think it would be - I didn't save a copy for myself ;)

	A "diff -r" of that against the first 2.11 tape (which I think I might
	have somewhere) would be interesting to do some time.

	Steven Schultz
	sms at

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