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>Hi --
>       I hope I'm in the right mailing list :)
>> From: Tim Shoppa <SHOPPA at>
>> Yesterday I asked:
>> >Two tapes labeled "Vol 1 of 2" and "Vol 2 of 2" and then "2.10.2 SMS
>> >Unix".  Steven, does this mean you know what's on this and how it's
>> >different than the 2.10 and 2.10.1 stuff already in the archive? :-)  Terry
>> >didn't remember...
>> Now that I've read the tapes, this is a 1990-ish step halfway between
>> 2.10.1 and 2.11, as developed by Steven Schultz (and debugged by
>> Terry on his 11/70, judging from the comments.)  Is this something

>       I think it would be - I didn't save a copy for myself ;)
For what it's worth I think this brings in an interesting branch to the
archive.  Should there be a space for stuff we should hold for purely
historical reference purposes and a different one for stuff that would
normally be interesting to the average user group punter?.  This might
have some effects on the archive structure.


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