PUPS/TUHS should not be divisive

Mike Allison mallison at konnections.com
Sun Jun 18 02:05:01 AEST 2000

I think I understand what Michael is saying.  Or at least it means something
to me.

I don't have a lot vested here, nor have I always followed the issues with
PUPS and now TUHS.

Certainly a big part of this was running AT&T UNIX systems on these
machines.  And, TUHS might only ever be about UNIX as UNIX (R).

The fact that you COULD run a unix clone -- Linux, Open BSD, what have you
is fine.  We can argue that true BSD was a set of improvements or additions
to UNIX which may even have been sanctioned in part by the UNIX team.  But
the fact that you run Linux, Open BSD, MINIX or a MSDOS clone is not
pertinent to running UNIX System N.n

Using the GNU C Compiler is not pertinent to the AT&T K&R C compiler, per

Is the ultimate purpose then of the list to keep the machines running
regardless of OS, or to run AT&T UNIX on these systems.

I won't fault Michael for his perspective.  But I guess we should agree to
define the parameters of the list, or agree NOT to define them.

Just one insignificant soul's opinion (JOISO)


Mike Allison
Stranded in Utah, USA
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>If it isn't Ritchie and Thompson's original UNIX code, then it isn't UNIX.
>I want UNIX, in four capitals with an R-in-circle superscript. I don't care
>about clones and workalikes and copycats. However "modern" they are, they
>still mere clones and copycats. And I want the genuine article.

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