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Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
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Tim Bradshaw <tfb at> wrote:

> * Markus Leypold wrote:
> > On the other side, Michael has ventured, to port BSD4.3 to modern
> > VAXens (a noble enterprise in my eyes), 
> Weell, I don't know about that.  All them modern Vaxens aren't really
> *original* are they?  Got microprocessors in, half of 'em.  Never did
> hold with any kind of computer you didn't need a lorry to move,
> myself.

Now, stop right there! I'm an international agent and I'm armed! :-)

To start with, I don't want to use the term "modern", ever. As for what VAXen I
support and target, my primary emphasis is on BI/XMI VAXen, which are very big
and are absolute miracles of architectural beauty. They don't undermine the
original VAXness a single bit. On the opposite, they actually implement many of
the astounding miracles of the holy original VAX Architecture Reference Manual
that the original VAX-11s were only going to. I also place a high emphasis on
Q22-bus MicroVAXen, as they are readily available and don't require special
power, and yet they fully comply with the proper VAX architecture.

There are also BabyVAXen, which is what NutBSDists and others talking about
"modern VAXen" are probably talking about. Those are indeed very cost-reduced,
VAXness-deprived, and PeeCee-fied. I do plan on supporting them, just so that I
support every VAX ever made, but I by no means endorse them. They are not real

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