Help: PDP-11 instruction classification (again!)

allisonp at allisonp at
Thu May 11 04:03:35 AEST 2000

> >53     (see J11) (KDJ-11D?)
> Yes, the 11/53 is a KDJ11-D.

Not KDF-11B????

> And lots of other systems.  Some DEC peripherals (most noticably the
> early HSC storage controllers for VAXclusters) have J11's, several Xerox

HSC was F11, J11 or T11???  I thought T11 or f11 in the early models.

> laserprinters used J11's, DEC PRO380's used J11's.  Many third-party
> CPU boards use J11's, it's not unusual to see them scrounging the used
> market for HSC's to strip the J11 from, as the HSC's generally had late-rev
> J11's.  (And Harris hasn't made the J11 chips for many years now.)

> >T11 = ?
> Never sold as a "PDP-11" system, though the chip does implement the
> basic PDP-11 instruction set (and some of the add-ons.)  It was sold
> by DEC in the KXT11-CA single board computer, which had a T11, 32K RAM,
> up to 32K of EPROM, 3 serial lines, some parallel I/O, and a Q-bus
> interface.  For more information see

You forget the falcon card KXT-11A, That with two MXT11 memory IO combo
have you 32kw ram, 4 serial, boot and some parallel that would run rt-11.

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