Help: PDP-11 instruction classification (again!)

allisonp at allisonp at
Thu May 11 23:25:45 AEST 2000

> > You can find T11 chips in several Q-bus and Unibus peripherals, most notably
> > the RQDX1, 2, and 3 (the chip labeled "27-17311-01").
> What cpu is in the DEUNA and DEQNA? I think those also have a T11.

I thought DEUNA was 68k and DEQNA is definatly state machines and random
logic no t11.  DELQA is 68k.

> > and the same set was used (with different microcode) by other CPU makers.
> > In particular, the Alpha Micro two-board S-100 set.
> And I think DEC even supported the possibility of writing your own
> microcode for this one.

Yes there was a WCS that filled the FIS microm spot (and a full board
under it).


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