A Public Thank You

Frank Wortner frank at panix.com
Wed May 17 00:34:32 AEST 2000

I just signed up for my free(!) SCO Ancient Unix license.  It's great fun
to be able to explore again the code I first saw and worked on as a
student all too many years ago.  It seems only right to thank those who
gave me access to this resource.

Thank you,  Warren,  for your work in convincing SCO to make this
possible.  Also thanks for the archives,  the mailing list,  the idea,
and everything else.

Thank you,  SCO,  for seeing the historic value of the code and generously
making it available to enthusiasts.  SCO's attitude towards this legacy is
extremely rare amoung corporations,  and they deserve our gratitude.

Thanks also to everyone who contributed material to the PUPS archive.
In the face of such generousity I'm sorry I don't have (or think I don't
have) any material left from the PDP-11 era to add to the collection.

And now,  back to wallowing in PDP-11 nostalgia.  :-)

Frank Wortner

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