A Public Thank You

Warren Toomey wkt at cs.adfa.edu.au
Wed May 17 08:19:45 AEST 2000

In article by Frank Wortner:
> I just signed up for my free(!) SCO Ancient Unix license.  It's great fun
> to be able to explore again the code I first saw and worked on as a
> student all too many years ago.  It seems only right to thank those who
> gave me access to this resource.
> Frank Wortner

I'd like to add some thanks to Frank's list.

Thanks to those people who forked out their US$100 for the paper SCO license.
It's a shame you can't get a refund. At least you have a real, signed,
license that you can wave at your friends :-)

Our first contact at SCO, Dion Johnson, fought with bureacracy and the legal
naysayers to get us the first SCO license. Thanks, Dion!

We have a lot of PUPS Volunteers behind the scenes who have been burning CDs
and other media in the past 2-3 years. With the free license, they're going
to get much busier, but are still volunteers. Everybody who has received a
CD should congratulate these people. Soren Jorvang in particular deserves

Hint: if you have a CD burner, YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY REQUIRED. Email me!

Finally, the bulk of the files in the archive were donated by a few people:
Dennis Ritchie, Henry Spencer, Keith Bostic, Tim Shoppa, Steven Schultz
and Kirk McKusick are the most notable. Thanks to all those who have
donated old files and information to the archive!

Some quick stats: 100+ people have obtained for PUPS Archive access in the
last 24 hours. Web activity was 1.2G, compared to a usual 36M, in the last
24 hours. Haven't checked ftp yet. Not bad for a 486! I'm switching over to
the Celeron today, so expect a few hours of downtime and a few glitches.


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