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Jason T. Miller jasomill at
Fri May 26 08:28:09 AEST 2000

After reading the _entire_ archive of PUPS messages, and realizing that,
no, I'm not crazy and, no, I'm not the only one still interested in old
hardware and software, I dug up two old 16-bit UNIX distributions and
promptly archived 'em. Unfortunately, they're binary only and System-V
based, so I can't just throw 'em in the archive. But when the game is up
on the System-V codebase, I hope these CD-Rs are still around. They are:
	- SCO XENIX 286 2.2, complete OS with development system and text
processing ([tn]roff, etc)
	- Microport System V/AT Development System (runtimes say both 1.3
and 2.3, development stuff says 1.3 - don't know, never booted this one)

All the floppies read without errors, and I've actually booted and run the
XENIX (used it for a tape conversion job a couple years ago) - works as
long as you have a 5.25" floppy drive and reasonably old hardware - I ran
it on a 386 but it doesn't grok VGA.

Also, I have the ability to write TK50 tapes along with a wide range of
other formats (my employer makes tape conversion equipment and software);
no TK25 (unless the old IBM Tandberg VarBlock format is identical - don't
know) or TK70, but just about anything else (need PDP UNIX on an HP 9144A 
cartridge tape; a) why? and b) I can help*!). I'd be happy to cut PDP UNIX
tapes for media and shipping.

Finally, anyone ever used the mtools package to read MS-DOS disks from an
RX50 from a DEC Rainbow? I'm working on it (no Rainbow, but I've got a box
that writes Rainbow disks) and I'd be glad to help anyone interested; I'm
also working on R/W RX50 on FreeBSD.

Jason T. Miller
jasomill at

* but not much, unless someone is willing to replace the rubber roller
thingy on my HP drive, but, as usual, I digress.

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