Dead MicroVAX II :(

Warren Toomey wkt at
Fri May 26 08:33:51 AEST 2000

In article by Mike W.:
> I have a digital microvax II in a 'world case'. I was wondering how to
> hook it up and make it fly. I was told that it runs the Micro VMS OS,
> but no to get get it on the machine, Model: one of two: VS12W-B2 or
> V512W-B2. It is an old sticker, could be a 5 or an S. A tape drive is
> installed, but no tape disk came with it. Is there another OS it can
> run? I wish I knew what to do. I turn it on and it reads something like
> 8, 7, 6, 5, 8, B, C, 3 and then after a VERY long pause, it reads E for
> another long period, then 6 for another long wait and then E forever.
> How do I hook up the Console to work on it. For that matter, what does
> the console look like? How do I go to console mode? Is there some kind
> of manual on it? I have about 8 or 9 monitors and the same amount of
> keyboards and most of the cables. I would like to bring it back to life
> and put it in a show room or something. I have no money, the whole thing
> was given to me. The drives
> were wiped clean (it was at the Hospital, they upgraded). I take it the
> E on the readout tells me, "There is no OS installed". After a month or
> so of searching the internet, I have found a few 'commands' and how to
> wire one cable, a picture and QBUS routing, but nothing on 'where  and
> how the cables go on the back (bulkhead). I need to know how, why and
> when to turn the knobs on the back.
> Yes, I know nothing of this thing and would like to learn. I know the
> MAC a little, MS-DOS  in my sleep. Anyway.....
> Mike Williams
> 4212 S. Pacific Way
> Seaview, Wa. 98644-0068
> tscowboy at

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