Dead MicroVAX II :(

jkunz at jkunz at
Sun May 28 01:49:00 AEST 2000

On 27 May, Michael Sokolov wrote:

>> If you want a modern Unix OS [...]
> If he did, why would he want a VAX? Someone who detests "modern" pee sea
> hardware and prefers the vastly superior classical DEC stuff (like I do) would
> surely feel the same way about software (again like I do). Why should one treat
> hardware and software differently in this respect? Why mix-and-match the
> wonderful classical hardware with crappy bloated "modern" software?
Sure. That is the reason why I referred both the quasijarus project and
NetBSD. I wanted to give _him_ the choice. 

I own a lot of different old machines. (DEC, Sun, HP, IBM, ...) On most
of this machins runs the same OS, NetBSD. I like it to see the same
software running on an old VAX and on a state of the art Alpha. I am
usung NetBSD for years now, so my preference of NetBSD is historical



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