Dead MicroVAX II :(

Brian Chase bdc at
Sat May 27 08:21:49 AEST 2000

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Michael Sokolov wrote:

> jkunz at wrote:
> > If you want a modern Unix OS [...]
> If he did, why would he want a VAX? Someone who detests "modern" pee
> sea hardware and prefers the vastly superior classical DEC stuff (like
> I do) would surely feel the same way about software (again like I do).
> Why should one treat hardware and software differently in this
> respect? Why mix-and-match the wonderful classical hardware with
> crappy bloated "modern" software?

This list is definitely geared towards people running classic OSes on
classic systems.  I actually really enjoy having lots of the bloated
modern hardware running on my VAXen.  So much contemporary software
compiles and runs right out of the tarballs under NetBSD/vax.  And
honestly, a lot of it performs quite admirably on even my humblest of
MicroVAX II's.

I see nothing incompatible with loving modern OSes running well on ancient
hardware. :-)

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