[pups] How to arrange bootable media for 2.11BSD?

Martijn van Buul pino at dohd.org
Mon Oct 9 23:39:36 AEST 2000


I've about given up hope to create a 2.11 boottape myself[1], so I'm wondering
what to do next. I have this MicroPDP, with a DELQA network card, a PC
5.25" diskdrive shoe-horned into working as RX33 and a TK50 tape drive.
If it helps: I've managed to get Kermit running on the PDP, but I haven't
figured out if it is possible to "kermit" to the tapedrive directly. Probably

Any hints?

Kind regards,


[1] My hopes have vaporized into thin air by two "not so overly bright" 
    persons. One of them decided that the TKZ-50 drive we (the local
    user group) had should be split into controllerboard and actual
    drive (and stored seperately), the other one didn't recognize
    the TKZ50 controller, couldn't figure out what it was used for, and
    threw it away... Some people deserve to be shot.
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