[pups] How to arrange bootable media for 2.11BSD?

Mark Green mark at cs.ualberta.ca
Wed Oct 11 00:30:24 AEST 2000

> Ahoy!
> I've about given up hope to create a 2.11 boottape myself[1], so I'm wondering
> what to do next. I have this MicroPDP, with a DELQA network card, a PC
> 5.25" diskdrive shoe-horned into working as RX33 and a TK50 tape drive.
> If it helps: I've managed to get Kermit running on the PDP, but I haven't
> figured out if it is possible to "kermit" to the tapedrive directly. Probably
> not.
> Any hints?

If you need a TK50 with 2.11 on it I could produce one for you (provided
that you have jumped through all the license hoops).  The only sticky
point might be shipping, where are you located?  I'm travelling a lot
this month, so it may take a week or so to get it done.

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