[pups] What hard drives to look for for PDP-11 use?

Wilko Bulte wkb at freebie.demon.nl
Thu Oct 12 18:11:06 AEST 2000

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 10:29:18AM -0400, rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu wrote:
> > 	It is going to take some creative symlink and mount point work to
> > 	fit 2.11 into 20MB disks - the system really expects to have ~80MB
> > 	at least for /usr.   An RD54 at 159MB is more than enough but a RD53
> > 	paired with a couple RD32/3 would be adequate.
> > 
> > 	Steven Schultz
> > 	sms at to.gd-es.com
> Steven.... I have been thinking of trying to find a PDP-11 of some sort
> (like hunting for needles in a hay stack in this part of the woods, but
> maybe something will surface).  Anyway... for the sake of discussion,
> and general dumpster diving knowledge....
> 1.  What mfm hard drives from the non-DEC world could be adapted to
>     work on a PDP-11?

RD53 is a Micropolis 1375 (eh, no the MFM variant of it.. 75 is SCSI.
Maybe 1325??).

RD54 is a Maxtor or Newbury data drive.
I can look up the details if needed. As far as MFM drives go I would not
consider anything smaller than a 53.

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