[pups] 9 track reelers on MVII.... will an IBM differential drive work?

rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Oct 18 02:39:28 AEST 2000

On a lark, my ol' propeller headed beanie was whirring, again, today.

Problem:  how to use old IBM differential scsi reel tape deck to make
          reel tapes for antique unix....

Discussion:  I picked up a perfectly fine looking IBM 9348-001 differential
             scsi interface tape deck from an AS400 box.  I had thought of
             using a differential to single-ended scsi converter, but, they
             are a tad dear for this olde man's beer bellie peanut computer
             budget.  Thinking there had to be some other way of making use
             of this deck to write some fine old reels, I saw, buried deep
             in the pdp-11 cards list a differential tape card by Dilogic,
             and though... hmmm, can the old MVII crank out to the 9 track
             via such a card?

Solutions:   anyone have any insights on trying something like this or know
             if such a shennanigan will work?  Are there any other such
             differential scsi cards available that might work?  Anyone
             got such a critter gathering dust?  Is this really a scsi
             card or is it some other interface?



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