[pups] What hard drives to look for for PDP-11 use?

rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu
Fri Oct 13 04:23:56 AEST 2000

> > 1.  What mfm hard drives from the non-DEC world could be adapted to
> >     work on a PDP-11?
> Many, any that are similar to ST225(RD31) and ST251(RD32) or have the same
> CHS as RD52 (Quantum D540), MIcropolus 1325(rd53) or Maxtor2190(rd54).
> Those disks were DEC baged but not DEC made and are findable.  there are
> many similar out there as well.

Oh, stupid me... I cleaned up the junk pile a couple of months back
and not thinking threw out about 20 of these mfm critters, not thinking
they were much usable, any more.  I did save a couple of the 150mb
mfm things from the Sun3 crate, though.  They were Micropolis, if
memory is correct.  All the 20/30/40/60/80mb things I chucked.
Oh well.

On the ESDI drives, has anyone tried the IBM things from Model 60
and Model 80 machines?  They were 70/115/300mb drives, and are
quite common.  If they were usable, I have bunches of those that
have not yet been thrown out.  They are also quite numerous in
local surplus.


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