[pups] VTServer 2.0 - Note from the Field

Ian King iking at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 21 15:37:43 AEST 2001

The good news is: Warren's VTServer 2.0 is currently copying a V6 image
onto an RK05 disk on my PDP-11/34.  I have no idea if the image will
actually boot; some notes in the archive say these images were built for
a /40, and the /34 is missing a couple of key instructions about memory
spaces.  But just getting the bits on the disk is a big first step.  
A couple of notes about this:

*	My upstream Unix host (with the image file) is a Linux machine.
I originally had the 1.2 kernel on it, but that kernel doesn't support
some of the POSIX macros that Warren uses; I upgraded to 2.2 and
everything works fine.  (The machine is an old 486 laptop that was 4MB;
I had to upgrade the memory on that for 2.2 to boot!)  
*	With a real PDP-11, I found it necessary to use the stty command
for no hardware handshaking.  On Linux 2.2 and using COM1, it's:

		stty 9600 cs8 clocal -crtscts < /dev/ttyS0 

*	I think .vtrc may have changed from the earlier version; I tried
to just hack a copy of the old one and found the format had changed.
The first line is the shell command to set the device parameters (as set
forth above), the second line is the device itself (e.g. /dev/ttyS0),
and the following lines are the "tape" records.  Warren, may I suggest
adding some text to the readme about this?  I had to figure it out....
*	BTW, .vtrc includes (in fact, requires) the stty line, which
configures the serial port.  Your instructions say that you must
configure the port before running vtserver -- not true.  
*	It's not extremely clear from the readme, but start VTServer
first, then the PDP-11 code.  It wasn't that hard to key in with the
programmer's panel.  :-) 

Please don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that you wrote this and not me.
:-)  But you did ask for feedback, and I'm sending this to the PUPS list
with the hope it will help anyone else with a similar situation.  

It's busily copying away; I'll let you know if I can boot what it
copies.  -- Ian 

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