[pups] VTServer 2.0 - Note from the Field

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au
Wed Feb 21 15:59:26 AEST 2001

In article by Ian King:
	[ some strange Microsoft e-mail format, Ian can you send
	  plain ASCII next time, ta! ]
> A couple of notes about this:
> *	With a real PDP-11, I found it necessary to use the stty command
> for no hardware handshaking.  On Linux 2.2 and using COM1, it's:
> 		stty 9600 cs8 clocal -crtscts < /dev/ttyS0 
> *	I think .vtrc may have changed from the earlier version; I tried
> to just hack a copy of the old one and found the format had changed.
> The first line is the shell command to set the device parameters (as set
> forth above), the second line is the device itself (e.g. /dev/ttyS0),
> and the following lines are the "tape" records.  Warren, may I suggest
> adding some text to the readme about this?  I had to figure it out....

Yep, that's documented in 
http://minnie.cs.adfa.edu.au/Vtserver/vtserver/vtreadme.txt as follows:

   The file .vtrc is the server's configuration file. Lines beginning with
   hashes are ignored. The first (non-hashed) gives a shell command to set the
   correct speed and parity of the serial line. The second line names the
   serial device. Remaining lines name the fictitious tape's records, and
   should be tinyboot, copy, and the name of your disk image.

> *	It's not extremely clear from the readme, but start VTServer
> first, then the PDP-11 code.  It wasn't that hard to key in with the
> programmer's panel.  :-) 

Thanks, can you suggest changes to the above document which would help
to clarify this?

Also, Fred van Kempen has added commands to send down the bootstrap
code if the PDP-11 has ODT. I'll add this to the server once I get the
code from Fred.
> Please don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that you wrote this and not me.
> :-)  But you did ask for feedback, and I'm sending this to the PUPS list
> with the hope it will help anyone else with a similar situation.  

Thanks Ian, yes I'm always happy for feedback. You might also try the
two Ultrix RL02 images that Bill Gunshannon also donated to the archive,
as he booted these on an 11/23 ok.


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