[pups] VTServer 2.0 - Note from the Field

Ken Wellsch kwellsch at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Feb 22 04:17:27 AEST 2001

Ian King wrote:
> Further good news: it boots!  I have a V6 image from Ken Wellsch
> (thanks, Ken) booting on my 11/34.  Now I have lots to figure out....
> -- Ian
> PS: Warren, I was mailing from the Web access client, so it was probably
> HTML - sorry.

I likely come across as an arrogant SOB - I hardly deserve credit for
the image.  My part was one of deciphering what came off an old 800 BPI
mag tape a decade ago and caring about preserving this bit of the past.

Folks you don't know like Ian! Allen who handed me the tape from the
Computer Graphics Lab at U of Waterloo (and the CGL folks for hanging
onto the tape in their library) to folks like Alan Bowler who kindly
pulled a raw image of the tape off on our old Honeywell system because
all our UNIX systems did not support 800 BPI on their tape drives any

Those are just some of the people that preceded that image - not even
mentioning the folks that brought you V6 in the first place...

Then afterward folks like Warren for tirelessly making PUPS happen...


-- Ken

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