[pups] Re: V6 image for 11/23

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au
Thu Feb 22 10:34:08 AEST 2001

In article by Ken Wellsch:
> My part was one of deciphering what came off an old 800 BPI
> mag tape a decade ago and caring about preserving this bit of the past.
> [Thanks go to those] who handed me the tape from the
> Computer Graphics Lab at U of Waterloo (and the CGL folks for hanging
> onto the tape in their library) to folks like Alan Bowler who kindly
> pulled a raw image of the tape off on our old Honeywell system because
> all our UNIX systems did not support 800 BPI on their tape drives any
> more...
> -- Ken

Ken, if this image isn't already in the archive, can you send it in?


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