[pups] Stray Interupts

Steven M. Schultz sms at moe.2bsd.com
Fri Feb 23 14:27:43 AEST 2001

Hi --

> From: Bill Gunshannon <bill at cs.scranton.edu>
> Nope, these are from the Ultrix kernel.  The message itself is put
> out by the routine logsi() in errlog.c.  The big question is, is this

	That the messages are coming from Ultrix and not the simulator is
	also is easily determined by grep'ing the simulator sources - no such
	message string that I can see.

> a problem with Ultrix or is this a problem with emulator that just
> gets ignored by the other OSes.  I would be curious to know if there
> is a similar function in 2.11??  If so, it would be interesting to

	There's no direct counterpart to 'logsi' in 2.11BSD.  The only 'stray
	interrupt' messages 2.11 can produce all come out of networking drivers
	(the LH/DH "IMP" driver if_acc for example).

	The "big disk" support ('rp') was done though by Bob without access
	to a real honest to DEC RP11 controller.  I think he looked at various
	driver sources and perhaps at 2.11's "xp" driver (I vaguely recall
	sending him the xp.c and necessary include files).

> compare them and see why Ultrix sees all these stray interupts that
> no one else sees.

	Various things suggest themself to me: It might just be that Ultrix is 
	overly picky, there's something not 100% accurate in the simulator's
	delivering interrupts or Ultrix-11 has a bug.

	I haven't heard of RT-11 having a problem - perhaps someone could
	try that and see what happens.

	The other thing you might try is the Begemot emulator "p11".  It
	keeps _vastly_ better time than 'sim_2.3d' and has an emulated DEQNA
	so the machine can be placed on a network.  P11's also quite a bit
	more efficient/fast.   Configuration can be puzzling but sample
	config files are available (from various PUPS folks who run P11).

	Steven Schultz
	sms at Moe.2bsd.com

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