[pups] Stray Interupts

Steven M. Schultz sms at moe.2bsd.com
Sat Feb 24 06:59:58 AEST 2001

Hi -

> From: Bill Gunshannon <bill at cs.scranton.edu>
> Maybe the Ultrix source would be a help in better understanding some
> of the internals of the hardware.

	That could well be the case.  Yes, the simulator is still being
	worked on and maintained.

> My experience with Ultrix-11 up to this point would lead me to believe
> that it isn't bugs, but I can easily accept that it is overly picky.
> I tried RSTS.  As a matter of fact, I used DSKINT to create my empty
> RP06 images.  No sogn of a problem there.

	Ah, ok.   That tends to reinforce the thought that Ultrix may be
	too picky about something.

> I would love to us the Begemot emulator.  I have the latest version but
> I have been unable to get any of my disk images to work.  Can anyone
> tell me if you can use the disk images from the other emulators and if
> so, how??  Do they have to be converted somehow like tapes??

	Yes indeed you can use the RP06 images "bits as is".  As long as
	the disk image is exactly an RP06 (the only size supported that I
	can see by P11) nothing more need be done.   In fact that's how I
	switched over from 'sim_2.x' to 'p11' - I just made a copy of the
	disk image and hand crafted a p11conf file.

	Tapes need "conversion" because they have to contain information 
	about record lengths and end of file markers.   Disk images are
	a simple collection of bytes.

	Steven Schultz
	sms at moe.2bsd.com

p.s. here's what I use for P11's conf file - perhaps it will be of use.  The
     disk image "2.11BSD" is referenced on the line 'dev 0 ./2.11BSD  1999'

set clock_rate 60

ctrl rk 017777400 0220 5 4000

ctrl rl 017774400 0160 4 4000

ctrl rp 017776700 0254 5 4000
dev 0 ./2.11BSD  1999
dev 1 ./junk  1999

ctrl kl
dev 017777560  060  064 4 tty_net  -7 -t 10000
dev 017776500 0300 0304 4 tty_net  -7 -t 10001

ctrl mr 017777520 ./rp.boot

ctrl lp 017777514 0200 4

ctrl tm 017772520 0224 5
# dev 0 /tmp/foo

ctrl qna 017774440 5 0x08:0x00:0x2b:0x07:0x82:0x6c 0xf8:0x7a qna.rom
dev epp_tun tun0 0x08:0x00:0x2b:0x07:0x82:0x6c 0x08:0x00:0x2b:0x07:0x82:0x00

# The toy clock.
ctrl toy 017777526

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