[pups] Announce: The Unix Tree

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au
Mon Feb 26 11:28:04 AEST 2001

Hi all,
	A while ago I floated the idea of a web-browsable set of old Unix
distributions, along with a way of finding out how each file evolved. Well,
after a bit of coding on the weekend, I now have this available. It's
called the Unix Tree, and the URL is http://minnie.cs.adfa.edu.au/UnixTree/

Because of the license restrictions, you need your normal UNIX Archive
username and password to browse.

I've only inserted research editions up to 7th Edition for now, in case
I have to make major changes. However, tell me what you think.

Cheers, and off to have some lunch.


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