[pups] 2.11BSD boot hangs.

jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Mon Feb 26 22:32:54 AEST 2001


Yesterday I installed 2.11BSD on my PDP11/73. Everything went fine up
to the first time when UNIX was booted. The kernel came up, init was
started, autoconfig run and printed out the devices it had (not) found.
My disk and tape were found but then, after printing:
73Boot from tms(0,0,0) at 0174500
: ra(0,0)unix
Boot: bootdev=02400 bootcsr=0172150

2.11 BSD UNIX #115: Sat Apr 22 19:07:25 PDT 2000
    sms1 at curly.2bsd.com:/usr/src/sys/GENERIC

ra0: Ver 3 mod 3
ra0: RD54  size=311200

phys mem  = 4186112
avail mem = 3962176
user mem  = 307200

June  8 21:21:24 init: configure system

hk ? csr 177440 vector 210 skipped:  No CSR.
ht ? csr 172440 vector 224 skipped:  No CSR.
ra 0 csr 172150 vector 154 vectorset attached
rl ? csr 174400 vector 160 skipped:  No CSR.
tm ? csr 172520 vector 224 skipped:  No CSR.
tms 0 csr 174500 vector 260 vectorset attached
ts ? csr 172520 vector 224 skipped:  No CSR.
xp ? csr 176700 vector 254 skipped:  No CSR.
it hangs. Characters I type into the terminal are echod, but nothing
else happens. The "Run" LED at the front panel is of. I tried with an
other CPU und memory card, but the same happend.

System configuration:
11/73 (M8192), one with FP accel. or one without. (Jumpers W1..W6 in,
W7..W9 out, so that the CPU enters ODT at power up.)
4MB or 1MB memory card (non DEC)
Sigma DLV11-J clone for console (CSR 1765{0,1,2}0 and 177560)
TK50 with TQK50 (CSR 174500)
RA54, last week reformated on a MV2000 with RQDX3 (CSR 172150)
BA23 from a MVII.

BTW: What serial parameters does 2.11BSD use? The first time I booted
UNIX I got garbage after "user mem  = 307200". I seted the vt220 to 7e1
and this worked, but is it correct?


Homepage: http://www.unixag-kl.fh-kl.de/~jkunz

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