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Bill Gunshannon bill at cs.scranton.edu
Sat Jan 20 07:22:17 AEST 2001

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In article <944vup$3e6$1 at news.IAEhv.nl>,
 "Hans Vlems" <hvlems at iae.nl> writes:
|> Bill,
|> tried to telnet but no joy
|> Bill Gunshannon heeft geschreven in bericht
|> <944t6p$1o3d$1 at info.cs.uofs.edu>...
|> >Ok, here it is.  An 11/23+ running Ultrix-11 3.1, available on the
|> >Net.
|> >
|> >telnet to
|> >login as guest
|> >password is ultrix11

Well, the bad news it it appears I forgot that at one time no the
distnat past TTL was set to some very low number.  If you are more
than a couple hops away from the University of Scranton you won't
be able to get in yet.

However, good news on two fronts.  I have put up the sources and
if I have the time I will try to find the offending bit this weekend.
(Anybody who remembers fixing this in any Ultrix-11 or Ultrix-32
when it happened originaly feel free to save me the trouble of
searching through the source.)  the other good news is I may be 
acquiring an 11/93 shortly.  If I do and it actually still works
(one never knows inthese acquisitions) I will probably be putting
Ultrix-11 on it and building a Split I&D system.  That will then
become the system I will put on the Net to play with.

Hsve a nice weekend, all.


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