[pups] 2.11 BSD compilation fails

Richard Donkin rdonkin at bigfoot.com
Tue Jan 30 17:55:19 AEST 2001


I have got 2.11 BSD (from the rp_unknown disk) up and working on the
Supnik 2.3+BB1 simulator, configured as follows:

set cpu 22b
set cpu 2048K
at rp0 mydisks/2.11BSD/2.11_rp_unknown
boot rp

While tinkering with the date2.c program posted earlier by Alex
Chupakhin, which now runs on 2.11 BSD btw, I discovered the following:

- 'cc -o date2 date2.c' works fine, producing a 12K binary

- a makefile containing this command fails - the compilation starts but
fails silently, producing a 2K binary that is not marked executable. 
The makefile is:

   date2: date2.c
           cc -o date2 -c date2.c 

- 'make -n | sh' fails in the same way

Is this a known problem that will be fixed by patches (none applied yet
as the simulator is not networked)?  Or do I need to provide more

Some other info:

# uname -a
2.11BSD whistler-2bsd 2.11BSD 2.11 BSD UNIX #11: Tue Jan 6 16:57:02 MET
     root at pdp11.begemot.com:/usr/src/sys/HIPPON  PDP11

By the way, if anyone else has 2.11 BSD in unpatched state and wants to
set the date to 2001, email me for a copy of the 
updated date2.c program.

Apart from this problem, 2.11BSD is working very nicely - I'm impressed
that such a feature-rich Unix can even be run on a PDP-11!



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