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In message <200101292137.f0TLb2d29560 at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au>, Warren
Toomey <wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au> writes
>In article by Robin Birch:
>> Warren,
>> Why not do this as a terminal emulator that can switch into emulating a
>> tape drive by some start/stop messaging using the console device.  You
>> could upload a simple bootstrap using ODT that could then read a more
>> complex boot driver in.  If you use the console then that shoud be
>> universal across all PDP11s.
>> Robin
>I had thought of that. I'm not sure I want to write a terminal emulator :)
>I guess I should ask those people with tapeless PDP-11s.
>If you had a method of booting and installing disk images over a serial
>line, would you be happy with a serial line to a `tape server' separate
>to your console line, or would you rather have the two combined?
>       Warren
Well, the terminal emulator doesn't have to be very sophisticated as
once the thing was running properly then you would use what ever the PC
system had installed.

The "two separate" would probably be easier to create but it occurs to
me that many PCs only have one serial line and the only serial line that
is common to all 11s is the console therefore only needing a single

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