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Gregory R. Travis greg at ciswired.com
Tue Mar 6 02:52:16 AEST 2001

Hello all,

Some background:

I recently acquired a lot of PDP-11 equipment at an auction which I will be
refurbishing it and adding it to my computer museum.  Basically what I
got was the following: 1 gutted 11/44 with a full CPU set, 1 operating
11/44, 1 operating 11/83, several BA11 expansion boxes, 3 RA81 disks,
3 RL02 disks, etc.

My first plan is to build a big 11/44 system running 2.11BSD using an
RL02 for the root, an RA81 for /usr, swap, and a bootable spare root, and
another RA81 for a home file system.


I need sources for the following, can anyone suggest good starting points?

	1.  Unit select plugs for the RL02s.  All the plugs I have are "0",
	I'd like to be able to use more than one RL02 on the system if need be.

	2.  Peanut lamps for the RL02s and RA81s.  I assume they're the
	same lamp for both drives.  These are the lamps that go behind the
	front-panel switches and indicators (e.g. Load/Ready/Write Protect/etc.)
	I pulled one lamp and it was marked CM73ENG.  A search on Goodle
	for this pulls up nothing.

	3.  New, or good substitutes, for the coarse air filters used behind
	the 11/44 front panel as well as behind the RA81 front panels.  The
	ones that I have are literally crumbling apart.

	4.  Sources for the rubber/metal motor-mount bushings used on the
	RA81 drive motors.  Many of mine have torn.

	5.  Sources for drive belts for the RL02s/RA81s

	6.  Sources for fine filters (cartridges) used on the RL02s.

	7.  Sources for RL02 disk packs (I have only 2 packs for the
	three drives!)

The working 11/44 I got is an interesting beast.  It appears to have been
supplemented with at least one, possibly two, BA11 expansion boxes.  The
last BA11 looks like it further fed into a QBUS expansion box via a
DW11-B (M9403 - not on the module list) UNIBUS->QBUS converter.  The
thing was loaded.



Gregory Travis
Cornerstone Information Systems ATS
greg at ciswired.com
812 330 4361 ext. 18

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