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Pete Turnbull pete at dunnington.u-net.com
Tue Mar 6 07:22:59 AEST 2001

On Mar 5, 11:52, Gregory R. Travis wrote:

> I need sources for the following, can anyone suggest good starting
> 	1.  Unit select plugs for the RL02s.  All the plugs I have are "0",
> 	I'd like to be able to use more than one RL02 on the system if need

I had a similar problem -- several RL02s but the plugs were for units 0 and
1 ("And sometimes we didn't even have ones.  I wrote an entire database
using only zeros."  "You had zeros?  We had to use the letter 'O'.")

The switches are standard Honeywell AML series, so you might be able to get
plugs for them frm a Honeywell supplier -- but don't hold your breath.

Each plug has a finger on each side (and a "key" on top).  The upper and
lower edge of each finger activates (or not) a contact in the housing.  I
used matchsticks to work out what lengths were required before I saw real
plugs.  Of course, I wouldn't recommend using matchsticks except in an
emergency but you could do what I did, and make your own plugs.  I made
mine from thin Perspex (Lucite), each from five pieces glued together to
make a box.  The "code" is:

Unit   upper left   lower left     upper right    lower right
0        short        short           short          long
1        short        short           long*          long
2        long         long            short          long
3        long         long            long*          long

The ones I've marked "long*" go the full length of the finger, with just a
small bevel to make insertion easier.

> 	2.  Peanut lamps for the RL02s and RA81s.  I assume they're the
> 	same lamp for both drives.  These are the lamps that go behind the
> 	front-panel switches and indicators (e.g. Load/Ready/Write
> 	I pulled one lamp and it was marked CM73ENG.  A search on Goodle
> 	for this pulls up nothing.

They're standard T1 1/2 wedge-base bulbs (5mm dia x 18mm long), but to be
authentic you should use 14V bulbs rather than the more common 12V ones.
 12V ones will burn out relatively quickly.

> 	3.  New, or good substitutes, for the coarse air filters used
> 	the 11/44 front panel as well as behind the RA81 front panels.  The
> 	ones that I have are literally crumbling apart.

The best thing I've found is the synthetic open-weave fibrous mat used in
domestic cooker hoods and the like.  I get mine from the local hardware
shop; it's very cheap.  It comes in at least two thicknesses; if the stuff
you find is too thick, you can peel it apart as if it were layered.

Can't help with the rest, I'm afraid.


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