[pups] DEC ULTRIX-11 V3.1 bin/src install kit

Fred N. van Kempen Fred.van.Kempen at microwalt.nl
Tue Mar 6 07:48:34 AEST 2001


As a part of my efforts to create an enhanced version of the Ultrix-11 Unix
distribution that can be used on PDP-11's, I started out with creating a kit
that has all the parts and which can be used to create a bootable
tape from which you can install it on a machine.

I am uploading "ultrix11-v3.1-kit.tar.gz" to PUPS as we speak.  A README
is included, as contains the following:

DEC ULTRX-11 V3.1 Master Distribution Kit

This directory contains the files needed to build a complete
installation kit of version 3.1 of the ULTRIX-11 Unix system
for the DEC PDP-11.  Version 3.1 was also the final release;
no more development was done after, as UEG shifted its focus
to the new VAX systems.  Ultrix effectively was ported to the
VAX. and called Ultrix-32.  Later releases were called either
Ultrix/VAX or Ultrix/RISC, depending on which DEC platform it
was for.

This distribution contains files from both the V3.1 binary
kit (dug up by Wilko Bulte), the V3.1 source kit from Steven
Schultz, and some other tools and files grabbed from anywhere.

The kit is basically a regeneratable V3.1 binary boot kit,
with the official SRCKIT added to it (as tape file 35). The
top-level "build" script does what it says.. it builds the
tape so you can start it up and go to get some sleep :)

To get the ball rolling, check the value of the TAPE variable
at the top of the "build" script.  It is set to what MY tape
device (TK50 on TQK50 controller) under Ultrix-11 V3.1 is,
so you may have to change it.

Then, type


and watch things go.  After about two hours of tape activity,
you should be woken up by two BEEPs telling you that it is all
done.  Unload the tape and you're all set.

Extreme thanks go to Wilko and Steven for digging up this stuff;
to Bill Gunshannon, Ed "The Wanderer", Kees Stravers and Warren
Toomey for their support while I was fighting hardware problems
and debug weird software issues.  Thanks guys!!

If you run into problems, drop me a note!

Have fun !

Fred N. van Kempen, <fred at microwalt.nl>
March 5th, 2001

Upcoming release of this kit will contain, amongst other things:

- VTserver 2.0 support (you can install the tape off a virtual tape
- TDF 1.0 (Tape Dump Format) file support for archiving tape dumps
- My TCP/IP "fromto" network pipe program
- C-Kermit, compress/uncompress
- more documentation
- more network stuff
- my RX50 boot/rescue diskette set (2 RX50's.. neat!)

Watch this space for more....

Warren: expect about 38MB of stuff to drop into your mailbox tonight...

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