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> 	2.  Peanut lamps for the RL02s and RA81s.  I assume they're the
> 	same lamp for both drives.  These are the lamps that go behind the
> 	front-panel switches and indicators (e.g. Load/Ready/Write
> 	I pulled one lamp and it was marked CM73ENG.  A search on Goodle
> 	for this pulls up nothing.

RL02's and RA81's use different bulbs; the #73 is for the RL02, and is
14V.  The #86 is for the RA8n, and is 6.30V.  You can put the #86 in a 
RL02, and while it will be real bright, the lifetime will be measured
in hours.  Put the #73 in a RA8n and it will be dim, but at least it'll last
a while :-).

These bulbs are readily available in the US from most "old-line" electronics
distributors.  Mail order places that stock them are Newark and Mouser;
the relevant Newark URL's are




If you're going to be doing this a lot, you ought to find yourself a
bulb puller.  Getting those bulbs in and out of recessed sockets is a whole
lot easier with such a tool!


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