[pups] Update on Ultrix-11 V3.1 progress

Fred N. van Kempen Fred.van.Kempen at microwalt.nl
Tue Mar 20 02:48:57 AEST 2001


This was a private message to Bill Gunshannon (my oh-so-evil partner in
Ultrix crime) but it occurred to me that it might actually be of interest
to some of you, so....

I have done some work on the hardware here (mostly: getting the VS2000
back up, so I could re-format all RDxx drives I have here) and ended up
with getting some more workable disks.  The 11/83 now has an internal
RD54 (/user1: 145MB :) and external TL50 plus external RD53.

I did a full tape load on it, and now have a new "original" Ultrix-11
system.  I already have about 5 RX50 diskettes full of stuff I added
to the system- will all be in the V3.1(2) release.

More important, I have started work on the Ultrix-11 source tree. I want
to be able to re-generate the _entire_ system from scratch (sources), so
I can optionally do it on a VAX or Alpha with GCC-plus-PDP11 backend.

This is taking some time... the whole system _assumes_ many things about
the fact that it is probably Ultrix-11 itself.  I now run with a /usr that
is fully RO (mounted RO), and it is amazing to see how often I get warnings
and erros on that fact while compiling the sources :)

So, basically, I am relativizing the source tree so that it is
can live anywhere in the file tree (/user1/srckit in my case) and that it
stuff to a BINKIT (/user1/binkit in my case) tree when it is done, rather
overwriting system files.

To be continued...

And an update to that: seems to work now... system is recompiling itself as
speak/type.  Once that works, this get very easy for me :)

I'll post some of the README files I keep updated in the next message


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