[pups] Disk query on Ultrix 3.1

Fred N. van Kempen Fred.van.Kempen at microwalt.nl
Sat Mar 24 10:16:13 AEST 2001


> Actually, the UDA-50 isn't MFM, it's SDI. The QBUS equivalent is the
> KDA-50.
Ahhh, i knew it was something-50 :)  Twas a while ago since I 
last touched a Unibus box.. can you tell? :)

> Disks on the RQDXn reports as RDxx or RXxx, while disks on 
> the [KU]DA-50
> reports as RAxx (from a hardware point of view). They're both MSCP
> controllers though.
Yup.  The UC0x talks MSCP (and/or TMSCP, if configured) on the Qbus
side, and SCSI on the device side.  I have an UC08 which is configured
for MSCP on bus 0, and TMSCP on bus1.  The attached Exabyte 8200 (2GB)
is seen as a giant TK50 :)

That was on the MVII, though.. havent used it since.  Was going to
put it in the 11/83, _if_ I can find a BA123. Anyone got one of those
laying around? :)


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