[pups] The Software Tools Virtual Operating System

SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com
Thu Nov 1 10:34:27 AEST 2001

>I know this is somewhat off topic, but there is a connection.
>I am trying to track down a copy of the distribution of:
>   The Software Tools Virtual Operating System
>The last known repository of the complete system was apparently USENIX.
>They have been unable to find a copy anywhere up to this point, so I'm
>asking here as there must be many long time members in this group.
>Does anyone still have a copy of this and could I possibly get it??
>I really need to find a copy for a project I want to work on.

Point yourself towards


In the 30703* directories you will find:

[307,30] TOOLGEN.CMD, the command file for building
         the  LBL  Software  Tools  Virtual Operating System. The
         release notes for the VOS are  also  contained  in  this

[307,31] Fortran and macro sources for VOS.

[307,32] Manual entries for VOS utilities.

[307,33] Ratfor source files for VOS utilities.

[307,34] Source files for variable-length send/receive driver.

[307,35] Source files for virtual aether driver.


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