[pups] The Software Tools Virtual Operating System

Bill Gunshannon bill at cs.scranton.edu
Thu Nov 1 11:50:58 AEST 2001

On Wed, 31 Oct 2001 SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com wrote:

> Point yourself towards
>   ftp://ftp.trailing-edge.com/pub/rsx11freewarev2/rsx81a/

  Thanks for the pointer.  I was aware of the RSX version that was contained
in the DECUS library.  But there really was quite a bit more to the whole
distribution than that.  I am greatly saddened by the fact that this stuff
is lost.  I have received an official notice from someone at USENIX to the
effect that they have not retained any copy of the stuff they were sent.
Worse still, I was offered 2.11 BSD as an alternative.  Not only is the
software gone, there appears to be no one left who even remembers what it
was about. To me this is equivalent to waking up tomorrow to find that all
copies of Version 7 had disappeared and people thought it was just the same

Maybe I'm just being sentimental but I think this is another part of our
history and deserved better than to be just abandoned.

If anyone knows of a copy if the whole Software Tools Virtual Operating
System, please let me know where I might get a copy of it.

All the best.


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