[pups] Re: PUPS digest, Vol 1 #5 - 3 msgs

Jay Jaeger cube1 at home.com
Mon Nov 5 10:30:34 AEST 2001

Bill Gunshannon wrote:

 > What are the odds that a 15 year old tape is even readable today?? I know
 > when I found the original BSD tapes here even with their being stored in 
 > computer room, they were unreadable.

You might be surprised.

PUPS has Mini-Unix because I was able to read a 15 year old tape a few 
years back.

I can still read a copy of the V6 distribution that was made in the late 
1970's.  Recently I read thru all the 9 track tapes I had, and only one of 
them had errors.  Many were well over 10 years old.

And Paul Pierce managed to put together a usable image of the IBM PR155 O/S 
for the IBM 1410 by reading 2 7 track tapes that were pushing 30.

Jay Jaeger

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