[pups] Trouble with 2.11BSD and CQD-220

Chuck Dickman chd_1 at nktelco.net
Mon Nov 5 12:37:54 AEST 2001

I have a QBus SCSI disk controller (Horray!) and it is working
fine. Except... I cannot get it to boot directly from the SCSI drive. 

More detail.... The processor is an 11/73 and the SCSI controller is a
CMD CQD-220 with a Fujitsu 220MB drive. The CQD-220 is set as the
MSCP controller and an RQDX3 with an RX50 drive as the secondary MSCP
controller. I have placed rauboot from 2.11BSD on the SCSI drive and
on a floppy. I can boot fine from the floppy, but not from the SCSI
drive. The floppy loads boot and then from there

.: ra(0,0,0)unix

boots unix from the SCSI drive.

When booting from the SCSI drive, the boot sector is loaded into memory
and then relocated. It hangs waiting for the MSCP controller to respond.
I have not diagnosed it to the command that hangs.

Is anybody else booting 2.11BSD directly from a drive attached to a


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