[TUHS] Disk Drivers

Matthew Whitehead matthew.whitehead at apple.com
Fri Nov 2 06:58:54 AEST 2001

I'm getting a tad frustrated with the otherwise excellent Supnik PDP-11

Can anyone tell me (or give me the adb commands to figure it out myself) what
disk device drivers are present in the bootable disk images that come with the
Supnik simulator? The versions I'm interested are:

V6 image:
- rkunix (rk)
- rkunix.40 (rk, PDP-11/40 cpu?)
- unix

V7 image:
- hphtunix (hp)
- hptmunix (hp)
- rkunix (rk)
- rl2unix (obviously hacked to include rl driver)
- rphtunix (rp)
- rptmunix (rp)

Matthew (mrw at apple.com)

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