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Ian King iking at microsoft.com
Fri Nov 2 07:48:20 AEST 2001

I can speak to the v6 stuff, and I think the same applies to the v7
stuff: the bootable image rkunix is intended to allow you to get a
system booted from an RK05 (on which you've presumably installed this
image), so that you can rebuild the system to suit your hardware.  There
is some special stuff in v6 for the PDP-40, so presumably the rkunix.40
image addresses that.  The 'unix' image is the image one customarily
boots to use the system; it's probably the image from the system on
which the image was originally built all those years ago, and is
intended to be replaced by your new image.  Presumably, the drivers in
that image might be identified if the c.c and l.c files are still
present in /usr/sys.  

I don't know whether Bob Supnik actually built these images, or (as I
suspect) included them from e.g. the PUPS site.  

Regarding the v7 stuff, I think you'll find considerable information in
the v7 setup docs on the PUPS website, as to which corresponds to what
drives (although it's somewhat self-explanatory).  

Hope that's helpful -- Ian 

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I'm getting a tad frustrated with the otherwise excellent Supnik PDP-11

Can anyone tell me (or give me the adb commands to figure it out myself)
what disk device drivers are present in the bootable disk images that
come with the Supnik simulator? The versions I'm interested are:

V6 image:
- rkunix (rk)
- rkunix.40 (rk, PDP-11/40 cpu?)
- unix

V7 image:
- hphtunix (hp)
- hptmunix (hp)
- rkunix (rk)
- rl2unix (obviously hacked to include rl driver)
- rphtunix (rp)
- rptmunix (rp)

Matthew (mrw at apple.com)

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